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Patient and caregiver quality of life in psychogenic non-epileptic seizures compared to epileptic seizures.Academic Article Why?
Montouris, GeorgiaPerson Why?
Association of Migraine With Aura and Other Risk Factors With Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Women.Academic Article Why?
Epilepsy Among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries: A Validated Approach to Identify Prevalent and Incident Epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
[Management of the pediatric dental patient with seizure disorder: prevention and treatment of emergencies].Academic Article Why?
Douglass, LauriePerson Why?
Reply to "Intriguing association of Parkinson disease and epileptic seizures".Academic Article Why?
Clarification of the recommended clinical content of preconception care for women with seizure disorders.Academic Article Why?
Microemboli may link spreading depression, migraine aura, and patent foramen ovale.Academic Article Why?
Migraine aura pathophysiology: the role of blood vessels and microembolisation.Academic Article Why?
Advantages of respiratory monitoring during video-EEG evaluation to differentiate epileptic seizures from other events.Academic Article Why?
Report of the American Epilepsy Society and the Epilepsy Foundation joint task force on sudden unexplained death in epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
Buring, JuliePerson Why?
The impact of a single seizure on health status and health care utilization.Academic Article Why?
A false aura of scientific controversy around salt?Academic Article Why?
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