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Health information technology comes of age: comment on "Achieving meaningful use of health information technology".Academic Article Why?
Administrative Costs and Health Information Technology.Academic Article Why?
Jha, Ashish KumarPerson Why?
Comparative effectiveness research and medical informatics.Academic Article Why?
Health information technology in the era of care delivery reform: to what end?Academic Article Why?
Health information technology to guide pediatric obesity management.Academic Article Why?
International medical graduates and health information technology use in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Meaningful use of health information technology: evidence suggests benefits and challenges lie ahead.Academic Article Why?
Reaching women through health information technology: the Gabby preconception care system.Academic Article Why?
The use of health information technology in seven nations.Academic Article Why?
Using Health Information Technology to Foster Engagement: Patients' Experiences with an Active Patient Health Record.Academic Article Why?
Jack, BrianPerson Why?
Community-wide implementation of health information technology: the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative experience.Academic Article Why?
Health information technology: on the cusp of healthcare transformation.Academic Article Why?
Hospital implementation of health information technology and quality of care: are they related?Academic Article Why?
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