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Unsteady Gait and Dizziness.Academic Article Why?
Hemiplegic gait: a kinematic analysis using walking speed as a basis.Academic Article Why?
Gait Disorders, NeurologicConcept Why?
Awad, LouisPerson Why?
Effect of duration of upper- and lower-extremity rehabilitation sessions and walking speed on recovery of interlimb coordination in hemiplegic gait.Academic Article Why?
Shih, LudyPerson Why?
A translational approach to capture gait signatures of neurological disorders in mice and humans.Academic Article Why?
An Analysis of Relative Gait Impairment in Commonly Diagnosed Pediatric Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Clinical prediction of fall risk and white matter abnormalities: a diffusion tensor imaging study.Academic Article Why?
Computerized Adaptive Tests Detect Change Following Orthopaedic Surgery in Youth with Cerebral Palsy.Academic Article Why?
Contribution of Paretic and Nonparetic Limb Peak Propulsive Forces to Changes in Walking Speed in Individuals Poststroke.Academic Article Why?
Diffusion tensor imaging, white matter lesions, the corpus callosum, and gait in the elderly.Academic Article Why?
Dual tasking in Parkinson''s disease: Cognitive consequences while walking.Academic Article Why?
Effect of decreased mobility on body composition in patients with Alzheimer''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Effects of repeated treadmill testing and electrical stimulation on post-stroke gait kinematics.Academic Article Why?
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