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Optimizing protein stability in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Pin1 modulates p63a protein stability in regulation of cell survival, proliferation and tumor formation.Academic Article Why?
Thioredoxin regulates adipogenesis through thioredoxin-interacting protein (Txnip) protein stability.Academic Article Why?
Gursky, OlgaPerson Why?
Regulation of p63 protein stability via ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.Academic Article Why?
Protein StabilityConcept Why?
VHL Jade-1 + Protein Stability in Renal CancerGrant Why?
Interactome analysis of the human respiratory syncytial virus RNA polymerase complex identifies protein chaperones as important cofactors that promote L-protein stability and RNA synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Aberrant cytoplasm localization and protein stability of SIRT1 is regulated by PI3K/IGF-1R signaling in human cancer cells.Academic Article Why?
Cooperative stabilization of transthyretin by clusterin and diflunisal.Academic Article Why?
Differential stability of high-density lipoprotein subclasses: effects of particle size and protein composition.Academic Article Why?
Stability measurements of antibodies stored on paper.Academic Article Why?
Stabilization of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light chains by small molecules.Academic Article Why?
Whole-saliva proteolysis and its impact on salivary diagnostics.Academic Article Why?
Morgan, GarethPerson Why?
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