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Fashion and freedom: when artificial feeding should be withdrawn.Academic Article Why?
Prolonged remission of metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma: The use of chemotherapy and nutritional support.Academic Article Why?
What is optimal nutritional support?Academic Article Why?
Nutritional SupportConcept Why?
Burke, PeterPerson Why?
"I want to live": medicine betrayed by ideology in the political debate over Terri Schiavo.Academic Article Why?
A prospective, randomized trial of clear liquids versus low-fat solid diet as the initial meal in mild acute pancreatitis.Academic Article Why?
A.S.P.E.N. clinical guidelines: nutrition support of hospitalized pediatric patients with obesity.Academic Article Why?
Board certification and credentialing in nutrition.Academic Article Why?
Fat--the good, the bad and the trans.Academic Article Why?
Metabolic support of the obese intensive care unit patient: a current perspective.Academic Article Why?
Metabolic vs nutrition support: a hypothesis.Academic Article Why?
Micronutrients in critical illness.Academic Article Why?
Nonfeeding: lawful killing in CA, homicide in NJ.Academic Article Why?
Pathophysiology of Critical Illness and Role of Nutrition.Academic Article Why?
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