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Thermodynamics and folding kinetics analysis of the SH3 domain form discrete molecular dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the conversion of previtamin D3 to vitamin D3 in human skin.Academic Article Why?
Kinetic discrimination of sequence-specific DNA-drug binding measured by surface plasmon resonance imaging and comparison to solution-phase measurements.Academic Article Why?
Breaking the Q-cycle: finding new ways to study Qo through thermodynamic manipulations.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative angle-resolved SPR imaging of DNA-DNA and DNA-drug kinetics.Academic Article Why?
Alpha-proton abstraction and carbanion formation in the mechanism of action of lysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
Dissociation of long and very long chain fatty acids from phospholipid bilayers.Academic Article Why?
Distance metrics for heme protein electron tunneling.Academic Article Why?
Homogeneous crystal nucleation near a metastable fluid-fluid phase transition.Academic Article Why?
The isoniazid-NAD adduct is a slow, tight-binding inhibitor of InhA, the Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl reductase: adduct affinity and drug resistance.Academic Article Why?
Use of plasmon coupling to reveal the dynamics of DNA bending and cleavage by single EcoRV restriction enzymes.Academic Article Why?
A study of the relationships of interactions between Asp-201, Na+ or K+, and galactosyl C6 hydroxyl and their effects on binding and reactivity of beta-galactosidase.Academic Article Why?
Binding energy and catalysis by D-xylose isomerase: kinetic, product, and X-ray crystallographic analysis of enzyme-catalyzed isomerization of (R)-glyceraldehyde.Academic Article Why?
Catalyzed thermal isomerization between previtamin D3 and vitamin D3 via beta-cyclodextrin complexation.Academic Article Why?
Chromophore photoreduction in red fluorescent proteins is responsible for bleaching and phototoxicity.Academic Article Why?
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