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Beliefs about the consequences of using benzodiazepines among persons with opioid use disorder.Academic Article Why?
On the importance of clear comparisons and a methodologically rigorous empirical literature in evaluating opioid use in chronic pain: a response to Scholten and Henningfield.Academic Article Why?
Rates of opioid misuse, abuse, and addiction in chronic pain: a systematic review and data synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Reply: To PMID 25785523.Academic Article Why?
Reasons for Benzodiazepine Use Among Persons Seeking Opioid Detoxification.Academic Article Why?
Association of psychiatric and substance use disorder comorbidity with cocaine dependence severity and treatment utilization in cocaine-dependent individuals.Academic Article Why?
HIV screening among substance-abusing veterans in care.Academic Article Why?
Temporal trends in the survival of drug and alcohol abusers according to the primary drug of admission to treatment in Spain.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacological pain control for human immunodeficiency virus-infected adults with a history of drug dependence.Academic Article Why?
The relationship between child abuse and negative outcomes among substance users: psychopathology, health, and comorbidities.Academic Article Why?
Sleep Management Among Patients with Substance Use Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Adverse childhood events as risk factors for substance dependence: partial mediation by mood and anxiety disorders.Academic Article Why?
Dual diagnoses: substance abuse and personality disorders.Academic Article Why?
Accidental and intentional perpetration of serious injury or death: correlates and relationship to trauma exposure.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and correlates of psychiatric disorders among former juvenile detainees in the United States.Academic Article Why?
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