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Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Protein Kinase C Epsilon Reduce Ethanol Consumption in Mice.Academic Article Why?
Identification of the molecular target of small molecule inhibitors of HDL receptor SR-BI activity.Academic Article Why?
Antiproliferative small-molecule inhibitors of transcription factor LSF reveal oncogene addiction to LSF in hepatocellular carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of LSD1 by small molecule inhibitors stimulates fetal hemoglobin synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Small molecule inhibitors reveal Niemann-Pick C1 is essential for Ebola virus infection.Academic Article Why?
High-Throughput Screening Assay to Identify Small Molecule Inhibitors of Marburg Virus VP40 Protein.Academic Article Why?
New small molecule inhibitors of hepatitis C virus.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of LSD1 by small molecule inhibitors stimulates fetal hemoglobin synthesis for sickle…Grant Why?
Small molecule inhibitors of Ebola virus polymerase functionGrant Why?
Small molecule inhibitors of Late SV40 Factor (LSF) abrogate hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): Evaluation using an endogenous HCC model.Academic Article Why?
Fluorous-based small-molecule microarrays for the discovery of histone deacetylase inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
Small Molecular Inhibitors of Shiga Toxin and RicinGrant Why?
Substrate deconstruction and the nonadditivity of enzyme recognition.Academic Article Why?
A potential role for imatinib and other small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the treatment of systemic and localized sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Targeting the growth factors and angiogenesis pathways: small molecules in solid tumors.Academic Article Why?
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