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Role for interferon regulatory factors in autoimmunity.Academic Article Why?
Correlation of interferon regulatory factors 1 and 2 (IRF 1 and 2) expression and murine tumor growth in the presence of interferon gammaAcademic Article Why?
Interferon gamma upregulation of STAT1 and interferon regulatory factors 1 and 2 in breast cancer cells using confocal microscopyAcademic Article Why?
IFN regulatory factor 5 is required for disease development in the FcgammaRIIB-/-Yaa and FcgammaRIIB-/- mouse models of systemic lupus erythematosus.Academic Article Why?
Interferon regulatory factor-5 deficiency ameliorates disease severity in the MRL/lpr mouse model of lupus in the absence of a mutation in DOCK2.Academic Article Why?
IRF5 deficiency ameliorates lupus but promotes atherosclerosis and metabolic dysfunction in a mouse model of lupus-associated atherosclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Phenotype and function of B cells and dendritic cells from interferon regulatory factor 5-deficient mice with and without a mutation in DOCK2.Academic Article Why?
Selective targeting of IRF4 by synthetic microRNA-125b-5p mimics induces anti-multiple myeloma activity in vitro and in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Unique contribution of IRF-5-Ikaros axis to the B-cell IgG2a response.Academic Article Why?
Foxo1 Promotes Th9 Cell Differentiation and Airway Allergy.Academic Article Why?
Murine dendritic cell type I IFN production induced by human IgG-RNA immune complexes is IFN regulatory factor (IRF)5 and IRF7 dependent and is required for IL-6 production.Academic Article Why?
Promotion of Inflammatory Arthritis by Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 in a Mouse Model.Academic Article Why?
The KDM3A-KLF2-IRF4 axis maintains myeloma cell survival.Academic Article Why?
A mutation in the Icsbp1 gene causes susceptibility to infection and a chronic myeloid leukemia-like syndrome in BXH-2 mice.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic protein associations define two phases of IL-1beta transcriptional activation.Academic Article Why?
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