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Gene co-expression modules as clinically relevant hallmarks of breast cancer diversity.Academic Article Why?
Upstream stimulatory factors regulate aortic preferentially expressed gene-1 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
Organization of the human myostatin gene and expression in healthy men and HIV-infected men with muscle wasting.Academic Article Why?
Regulatory factor for X-box family proteins differentially interact with histone deacetylases to repress collagen alpha2(I) gene (COL1A2) expression.Academic Article Why?
Site-specific mutagenesis of the class I regulatory element the Q10 gene allows expression in non-liver tissues.Academic Article Why?
Tendon healing in vitro: modification of tenocytes with exogenous vascular endothelial growth factor gene increases expression of transforming growth factor beta but minimally affects expression of collagen genes.Academic Article Why?
Nasal gene expression differentiates COPD from controls and overlaps bronchial gene expression.Academic Article Why?
In silico gene expression analysis--an overview.Academic Article Why?
Pressure-overload deinduction of human alpha 2 Na,K-ATPase gene expression in transgenic rats.Academic Article Why?
Mesothelin is overexpressed in the vast majority of ductal adenocarcinomas of the pancreas: identification of a new pancreatic cancer marker by serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE).Academic Article Why?
Overexpression of an activated REL mutant enhances the transformed state of the human B-lymphoma BJAB cell line and alters its gene expression profile.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of new markers of cancer through serial analysis of gene expression: prostate stem cell antigen is overexpressed in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Effects of ischemia and oxidative stress on bladder purinoceptors expression.Academic Article Why?
Mol. Biol. of CellAcademic Article Why?
Obesity, inflammation and resting energy expenditure: possible mechanism of progranulin in this pathway.Academic Article Why?
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