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Gene Knockdown by EpCAM Aptamer-siRNA Chimeras Suppresses Epithelial Breast Cancers and Their Tumor-Initiating Cells.Academic Article Why?
Effect of gene knockdown on susceptibility to drug toxicityGrant Why?
Gene Knockdown TechniquesConcept Why?
Wolozin, BenjaminPerson Why?
CRISPR/Cas9-based editing of a sensitive transcriptional regulatory element to achieve cell type-specific knockdown of the NEMO scaffold protein.Academic Article Why?
Degradable lipid nanoparticles with predictable in vivo siRNA delivery activity.Academic Article Why?
Knockdown of col22a1 gene in zebrafish induces a muscular dystrophy by disruption of the myotendinous junction.Academic Article Why?
Organic small hairpin RNAs (OshR): a do-it-yourself platform for transgene-based gene silencing.Academic Article Why?
The effect of charge-reversal amphiphile spacer composition on DNA and siRNA delivery.Academic Article Why?
Gilmore, ThomasPerson Why?
Wilson, AndrewPerson Why?
FANCA knockout in human embryonic stem cells causes a severe growth disadvantage.Academic Article Why?
Therapeutic non-toxic doses of TNF induce significant regression in TNFR2-p75 knockdown Lewis lung carcinoma tumor implants.Academic Article Why?
Lau, NelsonPerson Why?
Vanuytsel, KimPerson Why?
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