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Toll-Like Receptor Ligand Based Adjuvant, PorB, Increases Antigen Deposition on Germinal Center Follicular Dendritic Cells While Enhancing the Follicular Dendritic Cells Network.Academic Article Why?
A natural killer-dendritic cell axis defines checkpoint therapy-responsive tumor microenvironments.Academic Article Why?
A role for IL-16 in the cross-talk between dendritic cells and T cells.Academic Article Why?
Access of HIV-2 to CD169-dependent dendritic cell-mediated trans infection pathway is attenuated.Academic Article Why?
Adiponectin receptor signaling on dendritic cells blunts antitumor immunity.Academic Article Why?
Adipose Recruitment and Activation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Fuel Metaflammation.Academic Article Why?
Antigen-specific polyclonal cytotoxic T lymphocytes induced by fusions of dendritic cells and tumor cells.Academic Article Why?
B lymphocyte-derived IL-16 attracts dendritic cells and Th cells.Academic Article Why?
Biliary obstruction selectively expands and activates liver myeloid dendritic cells.Academic Article Why?
Cancer immunotherapy by fusions of dendritic cells and tumor cells.Academic Article Why?
CD11c+ dendritic cells are required for survival in murine polymicrobial sepsis.Academic Article Why?
CD4(+) CD56(+) lineage-negative malignancies are rare tumors of plasmacytoid dendritic cells.Academic Article Why?
Cell fusion between dendritic cells and whole tumor cells.Academic Article Why?
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