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Mental health among late adolescents and young adults from a population-level and clinical perspective.Academic Article Why?
A brief marijuana intervention for non-treatment-seeking young adult women.Academic Article Why?
A comprehensive review of mental health gatekeeper-trainings for adolescents and young adults.Academic Article Why?
Access to substance use treatment among young adults who use prescription opioids non-medically.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Adolescents'' and Young Adults'' Substance Use Disorders.Academic Article Why?
ADHD drugs and serious cardiovascular events in children and young adults.Academic Article Why?
Commentary: Heterogeneity of respiratory disease in children and young adults with sickle cell disease.Academic Article Why?
Contraceptive Beliefs, Decision Making and Care Experiences Among Transmasculine Young Adults: A Qualitative Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Dental service utilization and neighborhood characteristics in young adults in the United States: a multilevel approach.Academic Article Why?
Dual cannabis and alcohol use disorders in young adults: Problems magnified.Academic Article Why?
Effects of Arterial Stiffness on Brain Integrity in Young Adults From the Framingham Heart Study.Academic Article Why?
Energy drinks and alcohol-related risk among young adults.Academic Article Why?
Entorhinal volume, aerobic fitness, and recognition memory in healthy young adults: A voxel-based morphometry study.Academic Article Why?
Epidemiology of acute kidney injury in critically ill children and young adults.Academic Article Why?
Febrile seizures and cognitive function in young adult life: a prevalence study in Danish conscripts.Academic Article Why?
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