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Intrinsic tone as potential vascular reserve in conductance and resistance vessels.Academic Article Why?
3-Nitrotyrosine in atherosclerotic blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
A review: prostaglandins, aging, and blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
Ano1 mediates pressure-sensitive contraction frequency changes in mouse lymphatic collecting vessels.Academic Article Why?
Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase and CD11b+Gr1+ Cells Impair Lymphatic Contraction of Tumor-Draining Lymphatic Vessels.Academic Article Why?
Migraine aura pathophysiology: the role of blood vessels and microembolisation.Academic Article Why?
Nitric oxide modulation of low-frequency oscillations in cortical vessels in FHM--a NIRS study.Academic Article Why?
Painting blood vessels and atherosclerotic plaques with an adhesive drug depot.Academic Article Why?
Sickle cell anemia is associated with reduced nitric oxide bioactivity in peripheral conduit and resistance vessels.Academic Article Why?
Serotonin and arterial vessels.Academic Article Why?
Distribution of vascular permeability factor (vascular endothelial growth factor) in tumors: concentration in tumor blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
Type I receptor serine-threonine kinase preferentially expressed in pulmonary blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory Web Catches Vessels.Academic Article Why?
"Overshoot" of O2 is required to maintain baseline tissue oxygenation at locations distal to blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
Altered Low Frequency Oscillations of Cortical Vessels in Patients with Cerebrovascular Occlusive Disease - A NIRS Study.Academic Article Why?
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