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Acute urinary retention after cesarean delivery: a case-control study.Academic Article Why?
Corticosteroid use after prostate brachytherapy reduces the risk of acute urinary retention.Academic Article Why?
Urinary Retention After Hysterectomy and Postoperative Analgesic Use.Academic Article Why?
Early urinary retention after catheter removal following radical prostatectomy predicts for future symptomatic urethral stricture formation.Academic Article Why?
Kandadai, PadmaPerson Why?
Urinary RetentionConcept Why?
Prostatic Artery Embolization in Nonindex Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Patients: Single-center Outcomes for Urinary Retention and Gross Prostatic Hematuria.Academic Article Why?
Chai, TobyPerson Why?
A Prospective Evaluation of the Urethral Drainage Stent(UDS) for Patients with Urinary Retention Secondary to Prostate ObstructionGrant Why?
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Patient-Controlled Valve Catheter and Indwelling Foley Catheter for Short-term Bladder Drainage.Academic Article Why?
External beam radiation therapy after transurethral resection of the prostate: a report on acute and late genitourinary toxicity.Academic Article Why?
Modified techniques of S3 foramen localization and lead implantation in S3 neuromodulation.Academic Article Why?
Re: a simplified method of implanting a neuromodulator device.Academic Article Why?
Re: Health-Related Quality of Life after Radical Cystectomy and Neobladder Reconstruction in Women: Impact of Voiding and Continence Status.Academic Article Why?
Reversal of opioid-induced bladder dysfunction by intravenous naloxone and methylnaltrexone.Academic Article Why?
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