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Quality of life in women with stress urinary incontinence.Academic Article Why?
Associated factors and the impact of fecal incontinence in women with urge urinary incontinence: from the Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network's Behavior Enhances Drug Reduction of Incontinence study.Academic Article Why?
Challenges of conducting multi-center, multi-disciplinary urinary incontinence clinical trials: experience of the urinary incontinence treatment network.Academic Article Why?
The minimum important difference for the International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Urinary Incontinence Short Form in women with stress urinary incontinence.Academic Article Why?
Associated pelvic organ prolapse in women with stress urinary incontinence: when to operate?Academic Article Why?
Bone-anchored sling for male stress urinary incontinence: assessment of complications.Academic Article Why?
Care seeking and treatment for urinary incontinence in a diverse population.Academic Article Why?
Chronic sacral nerve stimulation as a novel treatment for stress urinary incontinence-A rat model.Academic Article Why?
Complications following surgical intervention for stress urinary incontinence: a national perspective.Academic Article Why?
Complications in women undergoing Burch colposuspension versus autologous rectus fascial sling for stress urinary incontinence.Academic Article Why?
Edward McGuire's influence in the field of stress urinary incontinence and bladder storage symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with quality of life in women undergoing surgery for stress urinary incontinence.Academic Article Why?
High costs of urinary incontinence among women electing surgery to treat stress incontinence.Academic Article Why?
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