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Circulating tumor cells and serum tumor biomarkers in small cell lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Haptoglobin alpha-subunit and hepatocyte growth factor can potentially serve as serum tumor biomarkers in small cell lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
?-Catenin is an independent prognostic marker in early stage colorectal cancer.Academic Article Why?
[Association between alcohol consumption and risk of different types of breast cancer].Academic Article Why?
17ß-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1:2 and breast cancer recurrence: a Danish population-based study.Academic Article Why?
A case-control study of the risk of cutaneous melanoma associated with three selenium exposure indicators.Academic Article Why?
A combination of molecular markers accurately detects lymph node metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer patients.Academic Article Why?
A computed tomography radiogenomic biomarker predicts microvascular invasion and clinical outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
A global expression-based analysis of the consequences of the t(4;14) translocation in myeloma.Academic Article Why?
A high-risk, Double-Hit, group of newly diagnosed myeloma identified by genomic analysis.Academic Article Why?
A homozygous missense variant in VWA2, encoding an interactor of the Fraser-complex, in a patient with vesicoureteral reflux.Academic Article Why?
A phase II trial of thalidomide in patients with refractory endometrial cancer and correlation with angiogenesis biomarkers: a Gynecologic Oncology Group study.Academic Article Why?
A Prospective Investigation of PTEN Loss and ERG Expression in Lethal Prostate Cancer.Academic Article Why?
A prospective study of plasma C-peptide and colorectal cancer risk in men.Academic Article Why?
A rapid, fully automated, molecular-based assay accurately analyzes sentinel lymph nodes for the presence of metastatic breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
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