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A Novel Mobile Health Approach to Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Linking Parent Confidence and Hospitalization through Mobile Health: A Multisite Pilot Study.Academic Article Why?
Mediators of Improved Adherence to Infant Safe Sleep Using a Mobile Health Intervention.Academic Article Why?
Re: Feasibility of an Image-Based Mobile Health Protocol for Postoperative Wound Monitoring.Academic Article Why?
A Mobile Health Coaching Intervention for Controlling Hypertension: Single-Arm Pilot Pre-Post Study.Academic Article Why?
Mobile health application for remote oral cancer surveillance.Academic Article Why?
Mobile Health Apps in OB-GYN-Embedded Psychiatric Care: Commentary.Academic Article Why?
Patient interest in mental health mobile app interventions: Demographic and symptom-level differences.Academic Article Why?
A Multimodal Telehealth Strategy to Improve Pediatric Epilepsy Care.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study of a telehealth intervention for persons with spinal cord dysfunction.Academic Article Why?
A telehealth intervention for veterans on antiviral treatment for the hepatitis C virus.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive Processing Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder via Telehealth: Practical Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Academic Article Why?
Design, Adoption, Implementation, Scalability, and Sustainability of Telehealth Programs.Academic Article Why?
Efficacy of telehealth treatments for posttraumatic stress-related symptoms: a meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Guidelines for Resident Participation in Otolaryngology Telehealth Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Academic Article Why?
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