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Systems biology of cancerAcademic Article Why?
Systems Biology of Cancer Editor: Sam ThiagalingamAcademic Article Why?
Zaman, MuhammadPerson Why?
Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology.Academic Article Why?
Monti, StefanoPerson Why?
Dries, RubenPerson Why?
Emili, AndrewPerson Why?
Singh, AnuragPerson Why?
Dominguez, Maria IsabelPerson Why?
Baffy, GyorgyPerson Why?
Klapperich, CatherinePerson Why?
Image-based cell-resolved screening assays in flow.Academic Article Why?
Systems biology by the rules: hybrid intelligent systems for pathway modeling and discovery.Academic Article Why?
Piccolo, StephenPerson Why?
Johnson, WilliamPerson Why?
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