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The tale of the telomere: implications for prevention and treatment of skin cancers.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with skin cancer prevention practices in a multiethnic population.Academic Article Why?
Improving skin cancer prevention and detection education in US medical schools.Academic Article Why?
Skin cancer prevention and detection practices among siblings of patients with melanoma.Academic Article Why?
Skin cancer prevention in outdoor recreation settings: effects of the Hawaii SunSmart Program.Academic Article Why?
The association between skin characteristics and skin cancer prevention behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Prevention and early detection strategies for melanoma and skin cancer. Current status.Academic Article Why?
A randomized trial to improve early detection and prevention practices among siblings of melanoma patients.Academic Article Why?
Early detection of melanoma: an ounce of prevention may be a ton of work.Academic Article Why?
Sun-seeking behavior to increase cutaneous vitamin D synthesis: when prevention messages conflict.Academic Article Why?
Sunscreens and melanoma: implications for prevention.Academic Article Why?
The role of vitamin D in melanoma prevention: evidence and hyperbole.Academic Article Why?
The Science and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control (Greenwald P, Kramer BS, Weed DL, eds.)Academic Article Why?
Correspondence re: Duffield-Lillico et al., Baseline characteristics and the effect of selenium supplementation on cancer incidence in a randomized clinical trial: a summary report of the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Trial. 11: 630-639, 2002.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of the Ultraviolet Index: media reactions and public response.Academic Article Why?
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