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Use of microsphere-supported phospholipid membranes for analysis of protein-lipid interactions.Academic Article Why?
Protein-lipid interactions: recombinants of the proteolipid apoprotein of myelin with dimyristoyllecithin.Academic Article Why?
Apoprotein stability and lipid-protein interactions in human plasma high density lipoproteins.Academic Article Why?
A C-terminal membrane anchor affects the interactions of prion proteins with lipid membranes.Academic Article Why?
Circular dichroic studies of protein kinase C and its interactions with calcium and lipid vesicles.Academic Article Why?
Conservative mutations in the C2 domains of factor VIII and factor V alter phospholipid binding and cofactor activity.Academic Article Why?
Fatty acid interactions with proteins: what X-ray crystal and NMR solution structures tell us.Academic Article Why?
Spectral Förster resonance energy transfer detection of protein interactions in surface-supported bilayers.Academic Article Why?
Structural Basis for Lipid Binding and Function by an Evolutionarily Conserved Protein, Serum Amyloid A.Academic Article Why?
SR-BI mediates cholesterol efflux via its interactions with lipid-bound ApoE. Structural mutations in SR-BI diminish cholesterol efflux.Academic Article Why?
Structure and interactions of lipids in human plasma low density lipoproteins.Academic Article Why?
Metabolic and hormonal interactions between muscle and adipose tissue.Academic Article Why?
Interactions of acyl-coenzyme A with phosphatidylcholine bilayers and serum albumin.Academic Article Why?
Probing the C-terminal domain of lipid-free apoA-I demonstrates the vital role of the H10B sequence repeat in HDL formation.Academic Article Why?
Annexin structure and membrane interactions: a molecular perspective.Academic Article Why?
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