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Potentially inappropriate prescribing in elderly: assessing doctor knowledge, confidence and barriers.Academic Article Why?
Assessing potentially inappropriate prescribing in the elderly Veterans Affairs population using the HEDIS 2006 quality measure.Academic Article Why?
Potentially inappropriate prescribing for elderly patients in 2 outpatient settings.Academic Article Why?
Sex differences in inappropriate prescribing among elderly veterans.Academic Article Why?
Potentially inappropriate prescribing for the elderly: effects of geriatric care at the patient and health care system level.Academic Article Why?
Potentially inappropriate prescribing in elderly veterans: are we using the wrong drug, wrong dose, or wrong duration?Academic Article Why?
Antibiotics for respiratory tract infections: a comparison of prescribing in an outpatient setting.Academic Article Why?
Benzodiazepine and sedative-hypnotic use among older seriously Ill veterans: choosing wisely?Academic Article Why?
Electronic memorandum decreases unnecessary antimicrobial use for asymptomatic bacteriuria and culture-negative pyuria.Academic Article Why?
Exposure to potentially harmful drug-disease interactions in older community-dwelling veterans based on the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set quality measure: who is at risk?Academic Article Why?
Implementation of guideline-based therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Differences between men and women veterans.Academic Article Why?
Opioid prescribing: can the art become more science?Academic Article Why?
Potential underuse, overuse, and inappropriate use of antidepressants in older veteran nursing home residents.Academic Article Why?
Trends in use of high-risk medications for older veterans: 2004 to 2006.Academic Article Why?
Disproportionate Exposure to Antibiotics in Children at Risk for Invasive Pneumococcal Disease: Potential for Emerging Resistance and Opportunity for Antibiotic Stewardship.Academic Article Why?
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