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Assessing consumer perceptions of inpatient psychiatric treatment: the perceptions of care survey.Academic Article Why?
Thresholds for human perception of roll tilt motion: patterns of variability based on visual, vestibular, and mixed cues.Academic Article Why?
Loudness Perception of Pure Tones in Parkinson''s Disease.Academic Article Why?
Perception of emotion: the role of race, sex, and presentation mode.Academic Article Why?
Right hemisphere emotional perception: evidence across multiple channels.Academic Article Why?
Right thalamic injury, impaired visuospatial perception, and alexia.Academic Article Why?
Figure-background perception in right and left hemispheres of human commissurotomy subjects.Academic Article Why?
The effects of dorsolateral-frontal and ventrolateral-orbitofrontal lesions on nonspatial test performance.Academic Article Why?
A transient deficit of motion perception in human.Academic Article Why?
Memory as Perception of the Past: Compressed Time inMind and Brain.Academic Article Why?
Some parameters in the perception of gaze.Academic Article Why?
Changes in Perceptions of Discrimination in Health Care in California, 2003 to 2017.Academic Article Why?
Perceptions of Alcohol Advertising among High Risk Drinkers.Academic Article Why?
Perceptions of Community Norms and Youths'' Reactive and Proactive Dating and Sexual Violence Bystander Action.Academic Article Why?
Perceptions of Kenyan adults on access to medicines for non-communicable diseases: A qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
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