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Garcia, RaulPerson Why?
Henshaw, MichellePerson Why?
The relationship between oral health behavior and frequency of oral health education in adolescentAcademic Article Why?
Oral Health and HIV Training for Oral Health Care ProvidersGrant Why?
Jones, JudithPerson Why?
Perlman, StevenPerson Why?
Increasing access to oral health care for people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.: baseline evaluation results of the Innovations in Oral Health Care Initiative.Academic Article Why?
A competency matrix for global oral health.Academic Article Why?
A global oral health course: isn't it time?Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of oral health outcomes produced by dental teams incorporating midlevel providers.Academic Article Why?
Acculturation and a Potential Relationship with Oral Health Outcomes Among Somali Refugees in Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Addressing oral health disparities in diverse populations.Academic Article Why?
Alice M. Horowitz, Ph.D., oral health change agent: an unsung hero.Academic Article Why?
An oral health study of centenarians and children of centenarians.Academic Article Why?
Associations among different assessments of oral health outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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