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Insulin status and vascular responses to weight loss in obesity.Academic Article Why?
Weight Loss, the Obesity Paradox, and the Risk of Death in Rheumatoid Arthritis.Academic Article Why?
The Dynamic Platelet Transcriptome in Obesity and Weight Loss.Academic Article Why?
Weight loss changed gait kinematics in individuals with obesity and knee pain.Academic Article Why?
Maladaptive enlargement of the brachial artery in severe obesity is reversed with weight loss.Academic Article Why?
Longer-term liraglutide administration at the highest dose approved for obesity increases reward-related orbitofrontal cortex activation in response to food cues: Implications for plateauing weight loss in response to anti-obesity therapies.Academic Article Why?
Weight loss among women and men in the ASPIRE-VA behavioral weight loss intervention trial.Academic Article Why?
Reliable change in depression during behavioral weight loss treatment among women with major depression.Academic Article Why?
Long-term successful weight loss improves vascular endothelial function in severely obese individuals.Academic Article Why?
Metabolomics-guided insights on bariatric surgery versus behavioral interventions for weight loss.Academic Article Why?
Sibutramine plus meal replacement therapy for body weight loss and maintenance in obese patients.Academic Article Why?
Weight loss and health outcomes in African Americans and whites after gastric bypass surgery.Academic Article Why?
Weight loss outcomes in patients with pain.Academic Article Why?
Expert panel on weight loss surgery: executive report update.Academic Article Why?
Practical approaches to the treatment of severe pediatric obesity.Academic Article Why?
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