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Assisted Reproductive Technology and Early Intervention Program Enrollment.Academic Article Why?
Early Intervention Service Intensity and Change in Children''s Functional Capabilities.Academic Article Why?
Maternal depressive symptoms and participation in early intervention services for young children.Academic Article Why?
Parents seek early intervention services for a two-year-old without autism.Academic Article Why?
Participation-Focused Strategy Use Among Caregivers of Children Receiving Early Intervention.Academic Article Why?
Pediatrician practices regarding referral to early intervention services: is an established diagnosis important?Academic Article Why?
Social and Functional Characteristics of Receipt and Service Use Intensity of Core Early Intervention Services.Academic Article Why?
The impact of race on participation in part C early intervention services.Academic Article Why?
Community participation patterns among preschool-aged children who have received Part C early intervention services.Academic Article Why?
Family-centred care in early intervention: Examining caregiver perceptions of family-centred care and early intervention service use intensity.Academic Article Why?
Early intervention for trauma in adults: A framework for first aid and secondary preventionAcademic Article Why?
Individual Approaches to Prevention and Early InterventionAcademic Article Why?
Acute coronary syndromes without ST-segment elevation--what is the role of early intervention?Academic Article Why?
Antiplatelet agents used for early intervention in acute coronary syndrome: myocardial salvage versus bleeding complications.Academic Article Why?
Beliefs Regarding Development and Early Intervention Among Low-Income African American and Hispanic Mothers.Academic Article Why?
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