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Nasal gene expression differentiates COPD from controls and overlaps bronchial gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Airway epithelial gene expression in the diagnostic evaluation of smokers with suspect lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
BMS-275183-induced gene expression patterns in head and neck carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profiles in a rabbit model of systemic lupus erythematosus autoantibody production.Academic Article Why?
Novel targets of ANG II regulation in mouse heart identified by serial analysis of gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Serial analysis of gene expression in mouse kidney following angiotensin II administration.Academic Article Why?
Similarities and differences between smoking-related gene expression in nasal and bronchial epithelium.Academic Article Why?
A whole-blood transcriptome meta-analysis identifies gene expression signatures of cigarette smoking.Academic Article Why?
Blood and cardiovascular disease: the promise and limitations of gene expression analysis.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression and genetic variation in human atria.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression in low oxygen tension.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profiles in human nasal polyp tissues studied by means of DNA microarray.Academic Article Why?
Gene Expression Profiles in Myeloma: Ready for the Real World?Academic Article Why?
MicroRNAs as modulators of smoking-induced gene expression changes in human airway epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Neocortical areas, layers, connections, and gene expression.Academic Article Why?
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