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An interactive web-based curriculum on evidence-based medicine: design and effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based design: part of evidence-based medicine?Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based medicine and the real world: understanding the controversy.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-Based Medicine these 7 years: time for the editor to go on permanent sabbatical.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based medicine: a new science or an epidemiologic fad?Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based medicine: time for transition and translation (to practice).Academic Article Why?
Examining disparities in Acute Respiratory Distress Network trial enrollment: moving closer to evidence-based medicine.Academic Article Why?
Patient health literacy and the practice of evidence-based medicine.Academic Article Why?
Pitfalls of evidence-based medicine: the example of actinic keratosis therapy.Academic Article Why?
Successful teaching in evidence-based medicine.Academic Article Why?
Worldwide evidence-based medicine activities.Academic Article Why?
Care for children and evidence-based medicine.Academic Article Why?
A Concerning Trend for Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension in the Era of Evidence-Based Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-Based Medicine and the American Thoracic Society Guidelines.Academic Article Why?
CABG for Complex CAD: When Will Evidence-Based Practice Align With Evidence-Based Medicine?Academic Article Why?
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