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NME genes in epithelial morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Drosophila VHL tumor-suppressor gene regulates epithelial morphogenesis by promoting microtubule and aPKC stability.Academic Article Why?
Epithelial Notch signaling regulates lung alveolar morphogenesis and airway epithelial integrity.Academic Article Why?
Drosophila von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor gene function in epithelial tubule morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Hsu, TienPerson Why?
The transcription factors Grainyhead-like 2 and NK2-homeobox 1 form a regulatory loop that coordinates lung epithelial cell morphogenesis and differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Cardoso, WellingtonPerson Why?
Kukuruzinska, MariaPerson Why?
Ramirez, MariaPerson Why?
DNA synthesis and proliferation by villous epithelial cells in fetal rats.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of retinoic acid signaling during lung morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
The Drosophila metastasis suppressor gene Nm23 homolog, awd, regulates epithelial integrity during oogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Requirement of macrophages and eosinophils and their cytokines/chemokines for mammary gland development.Academic Article Why?
Varelas, XaralabosPerson Why?
Kotton, DarrellPerson Why?
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