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Health disparities and cancer: racial disparities in cancer mortality in the United States, 2000-2010.Academic Article Why?
A Tale of Two Patients: Patient-Centered Approaches to Adherence as a Gateway to Reducing Disparities.Academic Article Why?
Race/ethnicity identification: vital for disparities research, quality improvement, and much more than "meets the eye".Academic Article Why?
Understanding contributors to racial disparities in blood pressure control.Academic Article Why?
Disparities In Readmissions: The Authors Reply.Academic Article Why?
Mapping the geography of child mortality: a key step in addressing disparities.Academic Article Why?
Changing corporate practices to reduce cancer disparities.Academic Article Why?
Racial and ethnic disparities in children's oral health: the National Survey of Children's Health.Academic Article Why?
Racial disparities in posttraumatic stress after diagnosis of localized breast cancer: the BQUAL study.Academic Article Why?
Recruitment for health disparities preventive intervention trials: the early childhood caries collaborating centers.Academic Article Why?
Racial Disparities in HIV Care Extend to Common Comorbidities: Implications for Implementation of Interventions to Reduce Disparities in HIV Care.Academic Article Why?
Accounting for clinical action reduces estimates of gender disparities in lipid management for diabetic veterans.Academic Article Why?
Address persistent racial disparities in academic medicine to improve healthcare quality.Academic Article Why?
An ecological approach to examine lung cancer disparities due to sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Applying the concept of positive deviance to public health data: a tool for reducing health disparities.Academic Article Why?
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