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Computational model to probe cellular mechanics during epithelial-mesenchymal transition.Academic Article Why?
Zaman, MuhammadPerson Why?
Modeling the mechanics of cancer: effect of changes in cellular and extra-cellular mechanical properties.Academic Article Why?
Moore, JeffreyPerson Why?
Single-Cell Migration in Complex Microenvironments: Mechanics and Signaling Dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Drazen, JeffreyPerson Why?
Cardoso, WellingtonPerson Why?
Wong, JoycePerson Why?
Stone, PhillipPerson Why?
Langmore, SusanPerson Why?
Bullitt, EstherPerson Why?
Stepp, CaraPerson Why?
Connor, JohnPerson Why?
Mizgerd, JosephPerson Why?
Ramachandran, VasanPerson Why?
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