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ECHO Care: Providing Multidisciplinary Specialty Expertise to Support the Care of Complex Patients.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the effect of complex patients on care delivery tasks.Academic Article Why?
Navigating Bureaucracy: Accompanying Indigenous Maya Patients with Complex Health Care Needs in GuatemalaAcademic Article Why?
Functional Status Outperforms Comorbidities in Predicting Acute Care Readmissions in Medically Complex Patients.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing Health Disparities in the Shift to North Carolina Medicaid Managed CareGrant Why?
Gender disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes: large-scale observations from the CRUSADE (Can Rapid Risk Stratification of Unstable Angina Patients Suppress Adverse Outcomes With Early Implementation of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guidelines) National Quality Improvement Initiative.Academic Article Why?
Comparative effectiveness of two anemia management strategies for complex elderly dialysis patients.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing health for complex adults in primary care: current challenges and a way forward.Academic Article Why?
Contingent engagement: What we learn from patients with complex health problems and low socioeconomic status.Academic Article Why?
Measuring physical function in patients with complex medical and postsurgical conditions: a computer adaptive approach.Academic Article Why?
Tests for finding complex patterns of differential expression in cancers: towards individualized medicine.Academic Article Why?
Partnering urban academic medical centers and rural primary care clinicians to provide complex chronic disease care.Academic Article Why?
Medical costs of ambulatory patients with AIDS-related complex (ARC) and/or generalized lymphadenopathy syndrome (GLS) related to HIV infection, 1984-85.Academic Article Why?
Intramuscular administration of iron dextran is inappropriate for treatment of moderate pregnancy anemia, both in intervention research on underprivileged women and in routine prenatal care provided by public health services.Academic Article Why?
Impact of hospital teaching status on length of stay and mortality among patients undergoing complex hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery in the USA.Academic Article Why?
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