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Approach to immunization in the immunosuppressed host.Academic Article Why?
Cutaneous Ki-1 lymphoma: pathology, immunology and clinical characteristics.Academic Article Why?
The effect of bile acids and piroxicam on MHC antigen expression in rat colonocytes during colon cancer development.Academic Article Why?
Conflicting effects of occupational endotoxin exposure on lung health – a hypothesis generating review of cancer and COPD riskAcademic Article Why?
Pancreatic cancer symposium: epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, and therapy.Academic Article Why?
Effect of different cancer treatment methods on immunity to an antigenic transplantable murine fibrosarcoma (Meth A).Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy of spontaneous mammary carcinoma with fusions of dendritic cells and mucin 1-positive carcinoma cells.Academic Article Why?
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