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Brain rhythms connect impaired inhibition to altered cognition in schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Reply: Inhibition between human brain areas or methodological artefact?Academic Article Why?
Adolescent development of inhibition as a function of SES and gender: Converging evidence from behavior and fMRI.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of 2-AG hydrolysis differentially regulates blood brain barrier permeability after injury.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced inhibition of free radical-induced deoxyribose breakdown by Alzheimer brain homogenates.Academic Article Why?
ERK inhibition rescues defects in fate specification of Nf1-deficient neural progenitors and brain abnormalities.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of aldehyde reductase isoenzymes in human and rat brain.Academic Article Why?
Attentional inhibition in patients with focal frontal lobe lesions.Academic Article Why?
Effects of inhibitory feedback in a network model of avian brain stem.Academic Article Why?
Flexible brain network reconfiguration supporting inhibitory control.Academic Article Why?
Antisense inhibition of AT1 receptor mRNA and angiotensinogen mRNA in the brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats reduces hypertension of neurogenic origin.Academic Article Why?
The Effect of Gene Alterations and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition on Survival and Cause of Death in Patients With Adenocarcinoma of the Lung and Brain Metastases.Academic Article Why?
Effects of focal frontal lesions on response inhibition.Academic Article Why?
Noninvasive optical inhibition with a red-shifted microbial rhodopsin.Academic Article Why?
Dissociation of attentional processes in patients with focal frontal and posterior lesions.Academic Article Why?
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