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Comparative studies of chromaffin cell proliferation in the adrenal medulla of rats and mice.Academic Article Why?
ProxTom lymphatic vessel reporter mice reveal Prox1 expression in the adrenal medulla, megakaryocytes, and platelets.Academic Article Why?
Somatostatin and substance P inhibit catecholamine secretion from isolated cells of guinea-pig adrenal medulla.Academic Article Why?
Adrenal MedullaConcept Why?
Maturation of the adrenal medulla--IV. Effects of morphine.Academic Article Why?
Knapp, PhilipPerson Why?
Sodium balance after adrenal enucleation.Academic Article Why?
Sodium excretion after adrenal enucleation and during adrenal regeneration hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Transduction of bovine adrenal chromaffin cells using a recombinant adenovirus expressing GFP.Academic Article Why?
PAS-lead hematoxylin as a stain for small-granule endocrine cell populations in the lungs, other pharyngeal derivatives and the gut.Academic Article Why?
Jones, DennisPerson Why?
Leeman, SusanPerson Why?
Ikezu, TsuneyaPerson Why?
Hoyt, RichardPerson Why?
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