Michael Smith, PhD
Associate Professor
Boston University College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

PhD, University of Virginia
MS, University of Virginia
BS, University of Memphis

My lab investigates the role of the extracellular matrix in mechanobiology. First, we study the relationship between molecular mechanics and the bulk material properties of fibronectin fibers, with a focus on how these multiscale properties regulate cell behavior. We have provided the first estimates of molecular density in fibronectin matrix fibers, which is required to understand the intermolecular architecture of fibronectin matrix, and the first predictions of force on molecules within fibronectin matrix fibers, which determines molecular conformation. In our second project, we are investigating how cell signaling and microenvironmental properties regulate the maintenance of tension in single cells and multicellular clusters. This project is facilitated by the development of novel tools for regulating the local microenvironment of cells while simultaneously measuring cell stiffness, prestress, and contractility. Furthermore, we disseminate these tools for free, with the goal of making measurement of traction and cell stiffness broadly accessible to mechanobiologists.

Flipped Biomedical Grand Rounds: Creating a Clinical Immersion Classroom
06/04/2018 - 03/31/2024 (Multi-PI)
PI: Michael Smith, PhD
NIH/National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering

Effects of stretch and intercellular force transmission on tensional homeostasis in multicellular clusters
06/15/2019 - 11/30/2023 (Multi-PI)
PI: Michael Smith, PhD
National Science Foundation

Joint estimation of motion model, model parameters, and particle trajectories in single particle tracking
09/20/2017 - 08/31/2023 (Multi-PI)
PI: Michael Smith, PhD
NIH/National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Maintenance of Mechanical Tension for Normal Tissue Function Requires Intercellular Cooperation
08/01/2014 - 01/31/2019 (Co-Investigator)
PI: Dimitrije Stamenovic, PhD
National Science Foundation

CAREER: Regulation of Multicellular Behavior with an Extracellular Matrix Signaling Scaffold
02/01/2012 - 07/31/2018 (PI)
National Science Foundation

09/01/2012 - 08/31/2013 (PI)
The Children's Hospital Corporation

09/01/2011 - 08/31/2012 (PI)
The Children's Hospital Corporation


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2020 College of Engineering Faculty Service Award
2018 Boston University College of Engineering: College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award
2017 Boston University Biomedical Engineering Department: Award for Teaching Excellence
2012-2017 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
2010 Boston University College of Engineering: Dean’s Catalyst Award
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44 Cummington St
Boston MA 02215
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