Michael B. Siegel, MD
Boston University School of Public Health
Dept of Community Health Sciences

MD, Yale University
MPH, University of California, Berkeley

Michael is a physician who completed his residency in Preventive Medicine at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and trained in epidemiology for two years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta before coming to Boston. His primary research interests are in the areas of tobacco control, alcohol use, and firearm violence. His tobacco work has focused on secondhand smoke health effects, exposure, and policies, cigarette advertising and marketing practices and their effects on youths, and evaluation of tobacco control policies and their impact on youth and adult smoking behavior. His alcohol research has focused on the impact of brand-specific alcohol advertising on youth drinking behavior. His firearm research focuses on the effect of state firearm laws on gun violence rates at the state level. His primary teaching is in the areas of mass communication, marketing, and public health advocacy. He is co-author of a book, entitled “Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change,” that grew out of his teaching experience at the School. He has been active in promoting smoke-free bar and restaurant policies throughout the country and has served as an expert witness in several major tobacco litigation cases.

Identifying Shared Values to Support an Inclusive Culture of Health around Firearms: What Communication Messages Work?
12/15/2018 - 12/14/2021 (PI)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Impact of State-Level Firearms Laws on Homicide Rates by Race/Ehtnicity
01/01/2017 - 12/31/2019 (PI)
Department of Justice/NIJ

Building a Culture of Health around Firearms: The Relationship between Social Gun Culture, Gun Ownership, Fire
07/01/2016 - 12/31/2018 (PI)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Alcohol Brand Research Among Underage Drinkers
09/20/2011 - 06/30/2015 (Subcontract PI)
Johns Hopkins University NIH NIAAA

Alcohol Brand Research Among Underage Drinkers
09/20/2011 - 06/30/2012 (Subcontract PI)
Johns Hopkins University NIH NIAAA

Tobacco Use Trajectories Amid Fluctuating State Program Budgets
07/01/2004 - 06/30/2007 (PI)
University of Massachusetts, Boston NIH NCI

Protecting Workers and the Public from Secondhand Smoke the Impact of Clean Indoor Air Policies on Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Smoking Behavior
07/01/2002 - 06/30/2005 (PI)
Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute

Denormalizing Smoking Via Policy and Media Interventions
07/20/2000 - 06/30/2004 (PI)
University of Massachusetts, Boston NIH NCI

The Tobacco Industry Sponsorship Research Project
07/01/1998 - 06/30/2001 (PI)
American Cancer Society, National


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POV: In the Midst of the Pandemic, a “Massive Public Health Failure”

BU Today 3/27/2021

Five Facts About Gun Violence

The New York Times 3/25/2021

As Democrats press for national gun control, GOP states move to expand firearm access

USA Today 3/24/2021

Cruz accuses Democrats of playing ‘political theater’ for proposing gun safety measures ‘every time there’s a shooting’

The Boston Globe 3/24/2021


Colleges Distribute Vaccines, Though Most Students, Faculty Aren’t Eligible For Shots Yet

WGBH 2/1/2021

Colleges Distribute Vaccines, Though Most Students, Faculty Aren’t Eligible For Shots Yet

WGBH 2/1/2021

What Do Guns Mean to Gun Owners?

Psychology Today 1/26/2021

BU Professor Speaks Out Against In-Person Learning

CBS Boston 1/6/2021

COVID, Lawsuits And Racial Reckoning: The Year In Higher Education

GBH 12/17/2020

As Students Return, New England Colleges Are Seen As Models Of Testing And COVID Control

WGBH 12/7/2020

As Mass. Schools Reopen, Teachers Are On The Move Again. Some See A Public-Health Risk

WBUR 10/7/2020

Back To School In A Pandemic

WGBH 9/14/2020

Veteran Public Health Professor Sounds Alarm As BU Starts In-Person Classes

WBUR 9/2/2020

Teens who smoke and vape are more likely to be infected with coronavirus, study shows

The Boston Herald 8/11/2020

Why These Allure Staffers #WearOrange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Allure 6/5/2020

Police Brutality Influenced by Residential Segregation, Not “a Few Bad Apples”

BU Today 6/2/2020

Canada bans assault weapons after mass shooting. The contrast with US inaction is painful

USA Today 5/5/2020

Why Are Smokers Being Hospitalized Less Often From Coronavirus?

VICE 4/28/2020

Should tobacco product sales be banned during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Marketplace 4/13/2020

Should Tobacco Product Sales Be Banned During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Healio 4/13/2020

Smoking and Vaping Can Increase Coronavirus Risk, Doctors Urge Quitting Now

The Boston Herald 4/9/2020

Is There Actually a Link Between Vaping and Coronavirus?

TIME Magazine 3/23/2020

Is There Actually a Link Between Vaping and Coronavirus?

TIME 3/23/2020

Gun control has become key issue for Dem presidential candidates

Newsday 2/24/2020

Congress’ Proposed Tobacco Ban Would Represent Most Far-Reaching Prohibition Bill Since Ban on Alcohol

Reason Foundation 2/24/2020

A Major Study That Fueled National Vape Panic Has Been Retracted

VICE 2/19/2020

How vaping restrictions could send ex-smokers back to cigarettes

WHYY 2/4/2020

New Restrictions Are Aimed At Curbing Teen Vaping, Even As Mass. Teens Struggle To Quit

WGBH 1/29/2020

America’s Favorite Poison

The Atlantic 1/14/2020

In Wake Of 4th Massachusetts Vaping Death, BU Doctor Says State Failing To Properly Inform The Public On Cause Of Illness

WBGH 1/8/2020

U-Haul announces nicotine-free hiring policy in 21 states

Good Morning America 1/2/2020

The Trump Administration Just Banned Almost All Flavored Vape Pods

VICE 1/2/2020

FDA Announces Ban on Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges, Exempting E-Liquids Used in Refillable Vapes

Reason 1/2/2020

Anguished, armed and impulsive: A deadly mix fuels rising teen suicides

South Florida Sun Sentinel 12/30/2019

Vape Bans Won’t Make You Safer

The Nation 12/27/2019

Government Funded ‘Gun Violence’ Research Is Really Political Propaganda

Townhall 12/18/2019

America’s Strange Nicotine Regulations Somehow Just Got Even Weirder

VICE 12/18/2019

Research Fuels Debate Over E-Cigarettes as Smoking-Cessation Device

The Wall Street Journal 12/16/2019

Anti-Vape Laws Could Do More Harm Than Good

WIRED 12/12/2019

Hunt for Deadly Vapes Hindered by Marijuana’s Legal Patchwork

Bloomberg Quint 12/12/2019

Pennsylvania Is Using the Vape Crisis to Try to Legalize Weed

VICE 12/9/2019

Why Is Menthol So Addictive to Vapers?

BU Today 12/3/2019

Could The Strategies That Worked For Tobacco Control Also Work For Gun Reform?

WBUR 11/20/2019

The Truth About the Vaping Crisis

Freakonomics 11/20/2019

Trump Administration Backs Away From Ban On Flavored E-Cigarette Products

The Federalist 11/18/2019

Trump Administration Backs Away From Ban On Flavored E-Cigarette Products

The Federalist 11/18/2019

Are Vaping Bans the Way to Go?

WebMD 11/15/2019

Trump announced a big vaping meeting, but who’s invited?

CNN 11/12/2019

Trump administration’s planned ban on flavored e-cigarettes may create black market of bootleg juices used by DIY vapers – and it could trigger more lung illness outbreaks, expert warns

Daily Mail 11/11/2019

More vapers are making their own juice, but not without risks

CNN 11/9/2019

An Extensive List of Everything That Might Be Causing the “Vaping Illness”

Slate 10/31/2019

An Extensive List of Everything That Might Be Causing the “Vaping Illness”

Slate 10/31/2019

Opinion: Oregon regulators misleading public with overbroad targeting of e-cigarettes

Oregon Live 10/28/2019

Vaping Bans Raise Fear of Return to Smoking

Wall Street Journal 10/25/2019

Vaping Bans Raise Fear of Return to Smoking

The Wall Street Journal 10/25/2019

House panel to vote on plan to raise tax on nicotine used in vaping

Boston 25 News 10/23/2019

Vaping: a public health crisis?

WHYY 10/23/2019

Colorado Might Be the only State Having a Rational Response to Vape Panic

VICE 10/21/2019

Massachusetts vaping ban can stand for now, but state must fix flaws in a week, judge says

USA Today 10/21/2019

Massachusetts Vaping Ban Can Remain in Place, Judge Rules

NBC Boston 10/21/2019

Judge allows Charlie Baker vaping ban to remain in place

The Boston Herald 10/21/2019

Is vaping safer than smoking?

PolitiFact 10/21/2019

Health Commissioner Defends Broad Vaping Ban As Court Weighs Challenges

WGBH 10/20/2019

Doctors, Testifying in Vape Ban Lawsuit, Differ on Possible Causes of Lung Illness

The Boston Globe 10/18/2019

Regulate, but don’t ban flavored e-cigarettes

The Hill 10/18/2019

Congressional Hearings Conflate Vaping With Smoking, Legal E-Cigarettes With Black-Market THC Products

Reason 10/17/2019

BU doc to testify at hearing on Massachusetts vaping ban

The Boston Herald 10/17/2019

Healthy People Could Die From Vaping—Here’s Why

Medical Daily 10/17/2019

House lawmakers press the vaping industry with two hearings Wednesday

CNBC 10/16/2019

SPH’s Michael Siegel Testifies Before Congress on Legislation to Curb Youth Vaping

BU Today 10/16/2019

Lawmakers Pressed to Take Action on E-Cigarettes

The Wall Street Journal 10/16/2019

6 Vaping Products Disguised as Everyday Items

Healthline 10/15/2019

A Running List of US Cities and States Where Vapes Are Banned

VICE 10/15/2019

The Vaping Crisis Is a Moral Panic Led by Anti-Smoking Crusaders

Reason 10/14/2019

Telling People ‘Just Don’t Vape’ Not Effective, Public Health Researcher Says

WBUR 10/11/2019

Black market pot – not vaping – appears to be to blame for lung disease outbreak

Chicago Sun Times 10/8/2019

Vapers Accuse Officials Of Overreach As Investigation Into Deadly Lung Illness Lags

California Healthline 10/7/2019

First vaping-related death reported in Mass.

The Boston Globe 10/7/2019

3 things you might be getting wrong about the vaping epidemic, as lung injuries top 1,000 cases

ABC 10/5/2019

New Study Complicates the Causes of Vaping-Related Lung Diseases

Reason 10/3/2019

Massachusetts vape shop owners sue over state’s all-encompassing ban

ABC News 10/2/2019

Mass. sued over vape ban, attorney calls it a ‘death sentence’ for vape store owners

ABC 6 10/2/2019

Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the origins of vaping crisis

CNN 9/30/2019

‘We don’t know’: CDC lacks key answers about vaping lung injuries

Healio Primary Care 9/26/2019

State vaping bans spur a backlash from anti-tobacco advocates

Politico 9/26/2019

Smoking Experts Are Scared A Vaping Ban Will Increase Cigarette Sales

Buzzfeed News 9/26/2019

Juul replaces CEO with tobacco executive

CBS 9/26/2019

California is targeting vaping. Why aren’t youth alcohol and cigarette use also in the crosshairs?

LA Times 9/25/2019

Juul CEO steps down amid vaping controversy

ABC News 9/25/2019

The CEO of JUUL Just Stepped Down and Cigarette Companies Are Loving It

VICE 9/25/2019

Mass. Governor Baker Orders Ban on All Vaping Products and Declares Public Health Emergency

BU Today 9/24/2019

Walmart to Stop Selling E-Cigarettes

Digital Journal 9/23/2019

Cruz plan keeps guns away from ‘felons and fugitives,’ but some experts say it’s not enough

The Chicago Tribune 9/22/2019

Boston Public Health Researcher On Vape-Related Lung Illness

WGBH 9/20/2019

Walmart Is Getting in on the War on Vapes, and It Could Backfire Badly

VICE 9/20/2019

How Juul Hooked Kids and Ignited a Public Health Crisis

TIME 9/19/2019

Banning Flavored Vapes Might Be Good for Teens. It Also Might Be Racist

VICE 9/19/2019

Confusion Surrounds the Vaping Crisis: Here’s What We Know and Don’t

ABC News 9/19/2019

Banning Flavored Vapes Won’t Stop Deadly Lung Disease

Verge 9/19/2019

After illness nationwide, Baker, Walsh, eyeing stricter vaping regulations

Boston Globe 9/18/2019

Asking customers not to openly carry guns in stores was a big step for retailers. But enforcing it may be more difficult.

CNN 9/17/2019

The vaping industry has close ties to Trump. His ban still caught them off guard.

The Washington Post 9/17/2019

Trump responds to one vaping crisis by attacking another

POLITICO 9/14/2019

Trump move on flavored e-cigarettes may hit adults trying to quit

The Hill 9/14/2019

The Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes May Lead to More Smoking by Teenagers As Well As Adults

Reason 9/12/2019

Juul says it will keep running ‘Make the Switch’ ad campaign despite FDA concerns

CNBC 9/12/2019

The War on Drugs Is Coming for Vapes, and It's Not Going to End Well

VICE 9/11/2019

A Closer Look At The 3 Gun Control Bills Congress Is Tackling This Week

New England Public Radio 9/10/2019

6th vaping-related death reported as FDA urged to take more action

WPTV 9/10/2019

Vape-Related Deaths Are Scaring People Back into Smoking Cigs

VICE 9/10/2019

Retailers Walk Thin Line by Asking, Not Telling, Shoppers Not to Carry Guns

The New York Times 9/9/2019

As teen vaping reaches epidemic proportions, experts fear future social costs

Salon 9/8/2019

Walmart and the gun control debate

WHYY 9/6/2019

Shootings add to pressure on gun violence research funding push

Roll Call 9/6/2019

Are marijuana vapes from licensed stores safe? Mass. lacks regulations on additives

The Boston Globe 9/6/2019

2nd Vape Death

HLN 9/4/2019

Caliber, cartridges, and bump stocks: guns, explained for non-gun people

Vox 9/4/2019

A Loophole in the Background Check System Let the Odessa Shooter Get a Gun. Millions of Guns Change Hands That Way, Experts Say

TIME 9/4/2019

High-capacity magazines get new scrutiny as Congress returns

Associated Press 9/2/2019

Critics: CDC silent on vaping THC as injuries mount

USA Today 8/28/2019

JUUL Is Responding to Vaping Health Concerns with a Big Ole Shrug

VICE 8/28/2019

CDC’s Bias Against E-Cigarettes Is Putting Kids’ Lives at Risk

National Review 8/27/2019

Vaping Just Once Could Immediately Change Your Blood Vessels, Even Without Nicotine

Science Alert 8/25/2019

The U.S. State That Seems to Have Figured Out How to Deal with Guns

Vice 8/21/2019

New Mexico has a Particularly High Rate of Youth Suicide. Aurra Gardner was a Distressed 16-Year-Old, and She Knew Where to Find a Gun

The Trace 8/20/2019

What gun laws are actually effective? 2 studies offer insight

Big Think 8/12/2019

How Do We Decrease Gun-Related Deaths? Make It Harder for 'High-Risk' Individuals to Buy Weapons

Big Think 8/12/2019

Can gun laws curb gun violence? Studies suggest some might

San Francisco Chronicle 8/11/2019

Congress weighs gun control measures after latest mass shootings

NBC News 8/11/2019

Background Checks Won't Stop Many Mass Shootings. We Need Them Anyway, Experts Say

TIME 8/10/2019

First Comprehensive Studies Reveal US Gun Control Laws That Actually Work

Inverse 8/10/2019

How Regulators Misunderstand The Toxicity Arguments About E-Cigarettes

Vaping Post 8/7/2019

Top U.S. Universities to Research Vaping

Vaping Post 8/6/2019

African Americans Are More Likely to Die by Police

CityLab 8/6/2019

The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates

BU Today 8/6/2019

The guns used to kill dozens in Dayton and El Paso were legal — high-capacity options included

USA Today 8/5/2019

Experts on Why New FDA Ads Will Likely be Ineffective

Vaping Post 8/5/2019

Guns Kill Loved Ones but Offer Little Self-Defense

Gen 7/30/2019

E-Cigarette Bans Undermine Decades of Anti-Smoking Efforts

National Review 7/26/2019

FDA warns teens against ‘epidemic of addiction’ — amid revelation that Juul representatives visited high schools

Market Watch 7/26/2019

E-Cigarette Bans Undermine Decades of Anti-Smoking Efforts

National Review 7/26/2019

‘It infects social groups:’ Vaping and e-cigarette use in schools skyrockets; why you should care

MassLive 7/21/2019

JUUL Is Making Buckets of Cash, But At Least the CEO Is 'Sorry'

Vice 7/15/2019

E-cigarette users seeking help in lonely struggle to quit vaping

Boston Globe 7/10/2019

E-cigarette users find themselves seeking help to quit

The Boston Globe 7/7/2019

Banning e-cigarettes, not tobacco products, is 'ludicrous,' some public health experts sa

NBC News 6/26/2019

San Francisco's E-Cigarette Ban Aims to Goose The FDA

WIRED 6/21/2019

San Francisco's E-Cigarette Ban Aims to Goose the FDA

Wired 6/21/2019

IQOS ignites new debate between tobacco industry, health community

Healio 5/29/2019

As I See It: Politics, not public health, driving anti-e-cigarette legislation

Telegram.com 5/11/2019

Coca-Cola funds health research—and can kill the studies it doesn’t like

Popular Science 5/10/2019

A Device That Heats Tobacco, But Doesn't Burn It, Can Now Be Sold in the U.S. Here's What to Know About IQOS

TIME 5/1/2019

Lawsuit against Juul demands funding of statewide treatment and research programs

The Boston Globe 4/29/2019

Juul says it’s only here to help

CommonWealth Magazine 4/24/2019

Students may feel safer with stricter gun laws

Reuters 4/8/2019

As Gottlieb leaves, what’s next for FDA?

Healio 4/4/2019

‘Assault weapon’ bans don’t lower homicide rates, new study says

American Military News 4/4/2019

10 Essential Facts About Guns and Suicide

The Trace 4/4/2019

With vaping under fire, tobacco-free snuff latest alternative to help smokers quit

USA Today 4/3/2019

Violence Against Women Act Would Close The ‘Boyfriend Loophole’ In Gun Bans

Think Progress 4/2/2019

Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates

BU Today 3/29/2019

Survey of Adults' Perceptions of E-Cig Safety Yields Surprise

MedPage Today 3/29/2019

Smithsonian and top institutions under fire for accepting tobacco money

The Guardian 3/29/2019

Big tobacco: top US arts institutions under fire for accepting donations

The Guardian 3/29/2019

New BU Study Finds Universal Background Checks Can Lower Homicide Rates

Boston 25 News 3/29/2019

Steve Schild: Don't Let Dislike Of Smoking Cloud The Thinking On E-Cigarettes

Winona Daily News 3/23/2019

A Switch to Vaping Reduces 8 Biomarkers of Smoking As Much As Abstinence

Reason.com 2/25/2019

Charlie Baker’s tax could drive vapers back to cigs, doctors say

The Boston Herald 2/9/2019

More youth suicides seen in states with high gun ownership rate

Reuters 2/8/2019

Hawaii Could Be the First State to Ban Cigarettes, Which Would Be A Huge win for the Earth (

Green Matters 2/5/2019

No smoking? Hawaii lawmaker wants to say goodbye to cigarettes forever

USA Today 2/5/2019

More Gun Owners, Higher Risk of Youth Suicides?

HealthDay News 1/25/2019

Higher rates of gun ownership drives up youth suicides: Every 10% spike in firearms equates to 27% increase in children taking their lives, first-of-its kind study finds

Daily Mail UK 1/17/2019

Youth Suicide Rates Higher in States With More Guns

US News and World Reports 1/17/2019

Household Guns Linked to Youth Suicides

Pacific Standard 1/17/2019

Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?

The New Yorker 1/14/2019

Schools Tackle Vaping ‘Blitz’

Cape Cod Times 1/14/2019

FDA Restricts Flavored E-cigarettes, but Not the Real Killers. Huh?

BU Today 11/27/2018

Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Here's What the Science Says

TIME 11/2/2018

FDA Launches Campaign To Deter Kids From Vaping, And Puts Pressure On E-Cig Companies

WBUR 9/19/2018

Will the Government Ban E-Cigarettes?

BU Today 9/17/2018

Health researcher calls on NIH to retract statement about alcohol and cancer risk

Stat 9/13/2018

The FDA issues a warning: Teen vaping is ‘an epidemic’

The Boston Globe 9/12/2018

POV: When It Comes to Firearms, 3D-Printed Guns Aren’t the Biggest Threat

BU Today 8/9/2018

Vape King Juul Wants Everyone to Chill Out

Bloomberg Businessweek 8/1/2018

After canceling an ethically dubious trial, NIH sticks with a muddled message on booze

Health News Review 7/16/2018

The Addictive Nature Of JUUL E-Cigarettes

WBUR 6/19/2018

Health Highlights: June 18, 2018

HealthDay 6/18/2018

NIH ends study of how moderate drinking might improve health

The Seattle Times 6/15/2018

Controversial NIH study of ‘moderate drinking’ will be terminated after scathing report

STAT 6/15/2018

In Fighting Opioids, Just the Facts Isn’t Enough

BU Today 6/4/2018

The Promise of Vaping and the Rise of Juul

The New Yorker 5/14/2018

Boston University School of Public Health professor Michael Siegel has done extensive research on gun control from a public health perspective. He spoke about firearm violence in the United States

Facebook 5/10/2018

In many states, gun-law proponents face uphill battle

Press Herald 4/25/2018

Fla. officials who try to strengthen gun laws can be personally fined, kicked out of office

The Washington Post 4/25/2018

F.D.A. Cracks Down on ‘Juuling’ Among Teenagers

The New York Times 4/24/2018

Science AMA Series: I’m Michael Siegel, a professor of community health sciences at Boston University’s School of Public Health. I do research on firearm violence. AMA!

Reddit 4/19/2018

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism clinical trial should be halted

The Hill 4/14/2018

Springfield man killed his fiancée. He wishes there hadn't been a gun at home

Springfield News Leader 4/6/2018

NIH rejected a study of alcohol advertising while pursuing industry funding for other research

STAT News 4/2/2018

These states are responding to the Parkland shooting by trying to do something about gun control

Think Progress 3/31/2018

Did Big Alcohol Fund Study On Benefits Of Moderate Drinking?

The Fix 3/23/2018

Why states, not Congress, are passing more gun laws

PBS News Hour 3/23/2018

The alcohol industry gave the government money to prove moderate drinking is safe

Vox 3/21/2018

A study examines alcohol’s benefits. The industry is funding it

Watertown Daily Times 3/18/2018

Federal Agency Courted Alcohol industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking

The New York Times 3/17/2018

A Hidden Factor In Police Shootings Of Black Americans: Decades Of Housing Segregation

The Intercept 3/10/2018

How the firearms industry influences US gun culture, in 6 charts

The Coversation 2/23/2018

Baltimore Sun columnist: Call off the city's war on drugs

Baltimore Sun 2/20/2018

How Structural Racism is Linked to Higher Rates of Police Violence

City Lab 2/15/2018

Big tobacco’s offer: $1 billion for research. Should scientists take it?

Science Magazine 2/8/2018

There’s Now A Study Backing Up Link Between Police Shootings, Racial Segregation

The Huffington Post 2/8/2018

Vaping As Lesser Evil: Boston Expert's Top Takeaways From Big E-Cig Report

WBUR 1/24/2018

What’s the Safest Way to Consume Legal Cannabis? Experts Weigh In

Seven Days 1/17/2018
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