Karen H. Antman, MD
Boston University Medical Campus
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MD, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
BS, Muhlenberg College

Dr. Karen Antman, an internationally recognized expert on breast cancer, mesotheliomas and sarcomas, is Provost of the Medical Campus and Dean of Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine since 2005. Dr. Antman previously served as Deputy Director for Translational and Clinical Sciences at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (2004-5) and before that as Wu Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology and Director of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she also co-directed the cancer care service line at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Antman was voted 1993 Senior Faculty Teacher of the Year by medical residents. She also served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School from 1979 to 1993, and had hospital appointments at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Based on her group’s translational research, Dr Antman developed now standard regimens for the treatment of sarcomas and mesotheliomas as well as regimens for breast cancer and supportive care of patients receiving chemotherapy including pharmacology, growth factors and mobilization of peripheral blood derived stem cells for blood and marrow transplant. Dr. Antman also is outspoken on public health policy issues. She has written extensively about impediments to clinical research on cancer, and she has testified before Congress on the need for federal research dollars to support cancer research with articles in the medical literature (as well as Vogue and Readers Digest). She has written more than 300 journal papers and edited five textbooks and monographs, many with multiple editions.

She is a member of PBK and the Institute of Medicine. She has served as President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in 1994-5, the American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplant in 1996-7, and the American Association for Cancer Research in 2003-4.

She has more than 300 publications and is the editor of 5 textbooks and monographs (Asbestos related malignancies, Sarcomas of Bone and Soft Tissue, High-dose cancer therapy: pharmacology, hematopoietins and stem cells (3 editions), and Molecular Targeting in Oncology).

She serves on the Administration Board of the American Association of Medical Colleges Council of Deans, the Journal of the American Medical Association Oversight Committee, the International Editorial Board of Lancet, and on the board of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). She has served as an associate editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and on the Council of the National Institutes of Health’s Fogarty International Center.

She has published reviews and editorials on medical policy and the impact of research funding and managed care on American clinical research and testified before congressional subcommittees on eight occasions on National Institutes of Health (NIH) appropriations and medical policy.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Diversity and inclusion were core tenants of the small rural Mennonite and Quaker community where I grew up. (The community was deeply suspicious of words, and focused on actions.)

I attended Muhlenberg College during the Civil Rights movement and as the president of student council, participating in a national student convention with the Vietnam war and civil rights as key issues. On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine Kent State students, triggering a nationwide student strike. Hundreds of colleges and universities closed abruptly, including mine ending our senior year classes. While at college, I spent a summer on an exchange program to Prague, Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe including Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia.

My medical school, Columbia, was located in and served the Spanish Harlem community of New York City; Harlem Hospital was also our affiliate. Later as faculty and Cancer Center director, I directed a breast cancer clinic that served our predominately Black and Latin community, and provided Spanish speaking nurses and navigators and language congruent educational materials. Our initiatives led to only a one percent disparity between mammography rates of our Black and White patients. We had not yet reached the same levels for our Latin and Asian population. I organized and led a national symposia on addressing breast cancer disparities. (Antman et al, Reducing Disparities in Breast Cancer Survival: A Columbia University and Avon Breast Cancer Research and Care Network Symposium, Breast Cancer Research & Treatment, 2002, 75:269-80.) I also served as the Wu professor of Oncology at Columbia and thus traveled frequently to universities in China (and Japan).

At the National Cancer Institute, where I served as Deputy Director for Translational and Clinical Science, my portfolio included the NCI Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD), which provided minority training programs and grant supplements. While at the NCI, I served on the advisory Board of the King Hussein Cancer Center in Aman, Jordan where I learned about care delivery and Muslim social customs.

The position as dean at Boston University School of Medicine was attractive specifically because of our history and current mission to serve our community, address health disparities and recruit diverse trainees in science and medicine. At BU, I have traveled with BU colleagues to medical schools and hospitals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ad Saudi Arabia as well as India and China. I also served on the NIH Fogarty International Advisory Board, developing strategy to increase biomedical research internationally and on the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, which supports physicians in the United States from other countries.

At BU we have a vibrant community of faculty, staff and students who came from many cultures and religions. My goal as dean is to foster a campus community where all members feel a sense of belonging and are appreciated for their unique identities and contributions. A campus community where we collectively work to remove barriers so that our faculty, students, trainees, and staff realize their full potential and enact social change. I am committed to a campus culture that provides and promotes diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible education, research and health care for our local community and beyond.

Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
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Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
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Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
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Identifying medical researchers working on early-stage, future-focused brain science to become Toffler Scholars
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Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2008 General Clinical Research Center 5M01RR000533-40 503
2007 General Clinical Research Center 2M01RR000533-39 503
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2011 Institute of Medicine: Member
2008 American Society of Clinical Oncology : Distinguished Service Award for Scientific Leadership
2001 American Association of Professors: Member
1997 American Association for the Advancement of Science: Elected to Fellowship
1996 Jeffrey Gottlieb Memorial Award
1994 Voted by Medical Residents, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center: Senior Faculty Teacher of the Year
1981 American Cancer Society: Junior Faculty Clinical Fellowship
1980 National Cancer Institute: Research Fellowship
Phi Beta Kappa: Member
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