Bappaditya Dey, MVSc, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Boston University
National Emerging Infectious Disease Lab

Dr. Dey’s experience spans various aspects of research in Tuberculosis (TB) including, molecular basis of TB pathogenesis: host-pathogen interaction, immunology of TB and vaccine development and animal models of TB, TB latency and reactivation. He developed several genetically engineered recombinant vaccines, some of which imparted heightened protection among the experimental TB vaccines studied till date. His research on bacterial cyclic-di-nucleotide (CDN) second messengers signaling has led to the elucidation of novel network of Cytoplasmic Surveillance Pathway (CSP) activation that promise to stimulate considerable future research into the consequences of signal transduction interference by intracellular bacterial pathogens and also into novel therapies that may target this newly characterized virulence mechanism. At NIAB, Dr. Dey’s primary research interests are to understand the immune-genetic basis of resistance and susceptibility of different breeds of cattle to TB and other mycobacterial infections, to develop genetic diagnostics, recombinant live attenuated vaccines and engineered probiotic based preventive and therapeutic strategies against animal diseases with public health and economic importance.

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  9. Bagci U, Foster B, Miller-Jaster K, Luna B, Dey B, Bishai WR, Jonsson CB, Jain S, Mollura DJ. A computational pipeline for quantification of pulmonary infections in small animal models using serial PET-CT imaging. EJNMMI Res. 2013 Jul 23; 3(1):55. PMID: 23879987; PMCID: PMC3734217; DOI: 10.1186/2191-219X-3-55;
  10. Dannenberg AM, Dey B. Perspectives for Developing New Tuberculosis Vaccines Derived from the Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis: I. Basic Principles, II. Preclinical Testing, and III. Clinical Testing. Vaccines (Basel). 2013 Jan 25; 1(1):58-76. PMID: 26343850; PMCID: PMC4552198; DOI: 10.3390/vaccines1010058;
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