Alexander A Green, PhD
Associate Professor
Boston University College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

PhD, Northwestern University

Alexander Green is an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Boston University. Dr. Green obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University in 2010 and his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto in 2005. He conducted postdoctoral research at the Wyss Institute at Harvard. He was an assistant professor at Arizona State University from 2015 to 2020.

Dr. Green has pursued research in diverse areas ranging from synthetic biology to self-assembly to carbon nanomaterials with applications in flexible electronics, energy, and low-cost diagnostics. Dr. Green is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Computational & Evolutionary Molecular Biology (2017) and the recipient of an NIH New Innovator Award (2017), a DARPA Young Faculty Award (2017), a DARPA Young Faculty Award Director’s Fellowship (2019), and an Arizona Biomedical Research Commission New Investigator Award (2017). He has published over 60 peer-reviewed publications that have accumulated over 10,000 citations, including seven in Cell, Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, and Nature Chemistry. Dr. Green has eight granted and 24 provisional patents. He has received over $6 million in external funding since starting his independent career.

Model-guided design of RNA stabilizing elements for improved coronavirus diagnostics
09/17/2021 - 09/16/2025 (Subcontract PI)
Arizona State University NIH NIBIB

Development of Low-Cost, Paper-Based System for the Detection of Adventitious Agents in Biomanufacturing Processes
08/04/2023 - 07/31/2025 (Subcontract PI)
Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, Inc. DOD ACC

Rapid Low-Cost Paper-based Biodosimetry that reveals individual organ injuries
02/01/2022 - 01/31/2024 (Subcontract PI)
Arizona State University NIH NIAID

Intercepting the Cell's Hidden Signals via Peptide-Activated RNA Switches
01/01/2022 - 12/31/2023 (PI)
Research Corporation for Science Advancement

Excet: Dial-A-Threat Year 3
02/07/2023 - 09/07/2023 (Subcontract PI)
Excet, Inc. CCDC Chem/Bio Ctr

Dial-A-Threat Year 2
04/12/2022 - 09/07/2022 (Subcontract PI)
Excet, Inc. CCDC Chem/Bio Ctr

Molecular Fuses for Real-Time, Label-Free, Multiplexed Imaging of RNAs in Living Cells
01/01/2021 - 08/31/2022 (PI)
NIH/National Institute of General Medical Sciences

COVID-19 Point-of-Need Diagnostic Device
01/01/2021 - 12/31/2021 (Subcontract PI)
Arizona State University Arizona Dpt Hlth Svc

Synthetic Biology Threats: Fighting fire with fire
08/30/2019 - 03/31/2021 (Subcontract PI)
Governing Council of the University of Toronto PWGSC (Canada)


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  10. S. Saha, M. S. Gilliam, Q. H. Wang* & A. A. Green. Eradication of Fungi Using MoSe2/Chitosan Nanosheets. ACS Applied Nano Materials 5. 2022; 133.
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2019 DARPA: Young Faculty Award Director’s Fellowship
2018-2021 Scialog Fellow
2017 Moore Inventor Fellows program: Finalist
2017 the ASU Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS): Distinction of Merit and Scholastic Occupation (DMSO) Teaching Award
2017 Arizona Biomedical Research Commission: New Investigator Award
2017 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Computational & Evolutionary Molecular Biology
2017 DARPA: Young Faculty Award
2017 NIH: New Innovator Award
2016 Katerva Award Finalist for Zika Test
2016 POPULAR SCIENCE: Best of What’s New Award in Health for Rapid Zika Test
2016 Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award: Finalist
2016 Gates Foundation: Grand Challenges Explorations Award
2009-2010 Northwestern University: Terminal Year Graduate Fellowship
2006-2009 NSERC: Postgraduate Scholarship – Doctoral Level
2005-2006 NSERC: Postgraduate Scholarship – Master’s Level
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36 Cummington St, Boston MA 02215
Boston MA 02215
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