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Accelerated neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation in transgenic mice expressing P301L tau mutant and tau-tubulin kinase 1.Academic Article Why?
Wolozin, BenjaminPerson Why?
Ikezu, TsuneyaPerson Why?
Interaction of tau with the RNA-Binding Protein TIA1 Regulates tau Pathophysiology and Toxicity.Academic Article Why?
McKee, AnnPerson Why?
Tau-tubulin kinase 1 enhances prefibrillar tau aggregation and motor neuron degeneration in P301L FTDP-17 tau-mutant mice.Academic Article Why?
Antibody against early driver of neurodegeneration cis P-tau blocks brain injury and tauopathy.Academic Article Why?
Tau Protein Hyperphosphorylation and Aggregation in Alzheimer''s Disease and Other Tauopathies, and Possible Neuroprotective Strategies.Academic Article Why?
Tau, NguyetPerson Why?
Tau-tubulin kinase 1 (TTBK1), a neuron-specific tau kinase candidate, is involved in tau phosphorylation and aggregation.Academic Article Why?
Search for the rare decay B0-->tau+tau- at BABAR.Academic Article Why?
Glutamate-, glutaminase-, and taurine-immunoreactive neurons develop neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
Clustering of tau-immunoreactive pathology in chronic traumatic encephalopathy.Academic Article Why?
Dendritic TAU-telidge.Academic Article Why?
Multiple mechanisms of extracellular tau spreading in a non-transgenic tauopathy model.Academic Article Why?
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