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Leading change: curriculum reform in graduate education in the biomedical sciences.Academic Article Why?
The MCH Certificate Program: a new path to graduate education in public health.Academic Article Why?
Dasgupta, ShoumitaPerson Why?
Graduate education for primary care: problems and issues.Academic Article Why?
International exchanges: a missed opportunity in pediatric graduate education.Academic Article Why?
Learning experiences during the internship year: an exploratory study of pediatric graduate education.Academic Article Why?
Primary care graduate education: Where do we go from here?Academic Article Why?
Education, GraduateConcept Why?
Contributions of general internal medicine teaching units: a national survey.Academic Article Why?
Demers, LindsayPerson Why?
Designing a master of public health degree within a department of pharmacy practice.Academic Article Why?
Doctoral student selection in one professional psychology program.Academic Article Why?
Postdoctoral training in posttraumatic stress disorder research.Academic Article Why?
Primary care: the future for pediatric education.Academic Article Why?
Public health and social work: training dual professionals for the contemporary workplace.Academic Article Why?
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