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The tumor microenvironment and cancer.Academic Article Why?
The tumor microenvironment shapes lineage, transcriptional, and functional diversity of infiltrating myeloid cells.Academic Article Why?
Tumor MicroenvironmentConcept Why?
Mimicking the tumor microenvironment to regulate macrophage phenotype and assessing chemotherapeutic efficacy in embedded cancer cell/macrophage spheroid models.Academic Article Why?
CXCR4 inhibition in tumor microenvironment facilitates anti-programmed death receptor-1 immunotherapy in sorafenib-treated hepatocellular carcinoma in mice.Academic Article Why?
Germline Variants in Asporin Vary by Race, Modulate the Tumor Microenvironment, and Are Differentially Associated with Metastatic Prostate Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence of regulatory T cells is increased in peripheral blood and tumor microenvironment of patients with pancreas or breast adenocarcinoma.Academic Article Why?
A simple engineered platform reveals different modes of tumor-microenvironmental cell interaction.Academic Article Why?
Chronic inflammation in tumor stroma is an independent predictor of prolonged survival in epithelioid malignant pleural mesothelioma patients.Academic Article Why?
Impact of dimensionality and network disruption on microrheology of cancer cells in 3D environments.Academic Article Why?
Impact of the physical microenvironment on tumor progression and metastasis.Academic Article Why?
Melanoma spheroid formation involves laminin-associated vasculogenic mimicry.Academic Article Why?
Microenvironmental factors and extracellular matrix degradation in pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Molecular pathways: context-dependent approaches to Notch targeting as cancer therapy.Academic Article Why?
Notch3 signaling-mediated melanoma-endothelial crosstalk regulates melanoma stem-like cell homeostasis and niche morphogenesis.Academic Article Why?
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