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Ruth Rose-Jacobs, ScD, MS

TitleAssociate Professor
InstitutionBoston University School of Medicine
DivisionDevelopment & Behavioral Pediatrics
Address771 Albany St
Boston MA 02118
Phone(617) 414-5480
ORCID ORCID Icon0000-0003-4498-9570
Other Positions
InstitutionBoston Medical Center

 Awards and Honors

1989Boston University, Sargent College : Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Scholarship Award & Dedication to Profession
1984-1989Boston University: US Dept Education & HHS Traineeship
2002Casey Family Program/Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP): Certificate of Appreciation-Recognition of Outstanding Work with Children and Families
2010Massachusetts Bay Community College: Certificate of Appreciation- Service on Professional Advisory Board, Physical Therapy Assistant Prog
2013National Academy of Sciences : Invited participant on Disability and Food Insecurity Panel
2013National Academy of Sciences Committee on National Statistics Food and Nutrition Board: Invited participant in “Multiple Systems Failure and Food Insecurity” discussion
 Research Expertise & Professional Interests
My research expertise is in the 1) Development of typical and high-risk infants/children and their families- due to biological and social factors including exposure to substances and violence, violence, maternal depression, prematurity, food insecurity; 2) Measurement of subtle developmental differences in at-risk infants and children, in areas including executive function and higher cognitive abilities; and 3)Serving diverse and underserved children and their families including mothers who have opioid use disorders during pregnancy in the health care system.

Current Research Support:

2010-2017 R01 DA06532 NIH-NIDA Multiple PIs: Deborah A. Frank, Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Jane Liebschutz, "Cocaine Exposure in Utero: Young Adult Follow-Up," Total Cost: $2,440,032, Role: Principal Investigator

2012-2017 R01 DA06532 NIH-NIDA Administrative Supplement: Prenatal Cocaine Exposure: Young Adult Follow-up (PEP)," Multiple PIs: Deborah A. Frank, Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Total Cost $117,768, Role: Principal Investigator

2014-2017 90-CB-0186 Administration for Children and Families (ACYF), PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, "RESPECT (Recovery, Empowerment, Social Services, Prenatal care, Education, and Community Treatment)-Plus", Total Cost: $1,899,526, Role: Principal Investigator

2016- 2018 90EV0450-01-00 Administration for Children and Families (ACYF), PI: Neena McConnico; "Project BELONG Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Family Violence and Trauma: Innovating, expanding and sustaining treatment for caregivers and very young children" Total Cost $750,000 Role: Co-Investigator

Previous Research Support:

1986 Foundation for Physical Therapy Doctoral Study Grant, PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Total Cost: $3,900, Role: Principal Investigator

1987 Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund Award, Boston University Sargent College, PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Total Cost: $1,000, Role: Principal Investigator

1982 Northeastern University Boston-Bouve College Faculty Publication Fund Grant, PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Total Cost: $500, Role: Principal Investigator

1982 Northeastern University Boston-Bouve College, Faculty Research Development, PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs Total Cost: $1,000, Role: Principal Investigator

1994 National Institutes of Health Biomedical Research Support Grant, PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, "Validation of the Performance and Behavioral Qualifier Scales: A Pilot Study on 24 Month Old Infant." Total cost: $4,992.

1997-2001 5 U1H SP0817-03 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Grant (SAMHSA-OEC), PI: Carol Seval Brooks, "Project RISE (Raising Infants in a Secure Environment),"Total Cost: $2,112,180, Role: Co-Investigator

1997-1999 Foundation for Physical Therapy Grant PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, "Infants from the Inner City: Relationships between Risk and Outcome Measures of Interest to Physical Therapists." Total cost: $60,000, Role: Principal Investigator

1999-2004 R01 DA06532-11 NIH-NIDA PI: Deborah A. Frank, "Cocaine Exposure in Utero: Elementary School Follow-up," Total Cost: $4,862,015, Role: Co-Investigator

2001-2003 5 U1H SP0817-03, SAMHSA, Casey Family Program, and NIH/NCRR M01RR00533. Starting Early Starting Smart Grant "Project RISE (Raising Infants in a Secure Environment)". PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, "Starting Early Starting Smart Longitudinal Preschool Extension for Project RISE," Total Cost: $1,101,151, Role Principal Investigator

2004-2010 R01 DA06532 NIH-NIDA PI: Deborah A. Frank, "Cocaine Exposure in Utero: Adolescent Follow-up," Total Cost: $3,148,122, Role Co-Investigator

2012-2014 90-CB-0186 Administration for Children and Families (ACYF), PI: Robert Sege, "RESPECT (Recovery, Empowerment, Social Services, Prenatal care, Education, and Community Treatment)-Plus" Total Cost: $1,899,526., Role: Co-investigator

2013-2015 AG-3198-B-10-0028 Research Program on Childhood Hunger, Food and Nutrition Service in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research, "Child Food Insecurity in Families of Young Children with and without Special Health Care Needs." PI: Ruth Rose-Jacobs, Total Cost, $249,985, Role: Principal Investigator
Ruth Rose-Jacobs Sc.D.

 Self-Described Keywords
  • Adolescent Development
  • Child Development
  • cognition
  • Executive function
  • food insecurity and housing insecurity
  • Infant
  • Motor Skills
  • poverty
  • Premature infant
  • prenatal alcohol exposure
  • prenatal cocaine exposure
  • prenatal marijuana exposure
  • Parenting interventions
  • pregnant and parenting- opioid use disorder
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